Once in every week, a doodle in every brain

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Milt said...

These are pretty cool, I never expected to see a blog of doodles but here it is. The captions are kind of strange too but I think I get what you are doing here.

Anonymous said...

Subtle manipulation is the best way to go.

emikk said...

Thanks for your comments! I, as well, kind of know what I'm doing but am not sure!...I think there might be some subtleness to it, definately manipulation though, I guess.

POD said...

Tell me if you think my post is manipulation. Or if the what I think happened was manipulative. I like your doodle of manipulation.

Did Vinnie tell you that Sandy and Bill bug me? Do you even care?

Just discovered the top santa cruz list (along with mine) a few days back. I'm posting a link this morning to spread the word about an accident. I need some assistance if you have any information.


off to post on the Sentinel. blahblahblah